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Request a Manhattan Parks and Recreation Pool Pass or Ice Rink Pass for Your Community Organization
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Parks & Recreation Marketing Request Form

  1. City of Manhattan Parks & Recreation Marketing Request Form

    1. Fill out this form with as much information as possible. The more info, the better! 2. Send a receipt copy to yourself - enter your email before you hit send! 3. Email the receipt (from your email) to your supervisor and/or all departments involved. Note that this request form is for single, specific, clearly defined projects. Proposed projects must be focused and thought-out, with attached files (if needed): a single brochure, poster, postcard, update, social media account, etc. After form submission, you will receive an email confirmation.

  2. Please allow 7 to 10 days for graphic design expertise. All other requests require a minimum two-week lead time. Website, TV, and social media updates are completed on Wednesday and must be submitted one week prior to your requested update.

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