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City of Manhattan Parks & Recreation Photo Submission Form

  1. City of Manhattan Parks & Recreation Photo Submission Form

    We need your photos! As construction on the Anthony and Eisenhower Recreation Centers continues, we need help adding some personal touches to these facilities: YOUR photos! We know Manhattan is a special place, and we want to reflect that with local photography. Amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit photos that represent the rich history, beauty, and diversity of our community. What are we looking for? Photos of Parks & Recreation programs, special events, and sports, along with City of Manhattan activities, people, and places, will be considered.

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    Please upload no more than three photos per request. All photos must be submitted as high-resolution digital images, (minimum) 300 dpi. Photos may be black and white or color, new or vintage.

  4. Pictures with over eight (8) recognizable persons do not require a list of names. However, if the photo has eight (8) or fewer recognizable persons the names must be listed above. Please note which photo is associated with the names listed.


    By submitting your photo(s) to the City of Manhattan Parks & Recreation Department, you grant permission for project staff to use their discretion in printing, matting, framing, and/or displaying your photo(s) within the Eisenhower and Anthony Recreation Centers, or elsewhere in the complex. You acknowledge that you will not receive compensation for use of your photo(s). You acknowledge that you are the holder of the copyright of any photo(s) you submit, and confirm that recognizable persons in these images do not object to publication by the City of Manhattan (or a parent in case of a minor). The City reserves the right to determine whether the subject matter is appropriate for public display within the facility. If your photos are chosen for use, you will not be informed of the selection.

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