Stonehaven Park Conceptual Master Plan

Master Plan Summary

In 2017, the City of Manhattan received a proposal for a new subdivision near Miller Parkway and Highway K-18. The proposal included a donation of parkland, including a 3-acre pond, to the City. The future subdivision is planned to be residential with a small commercial component. Bike lanes and sidewalks from the surrounding lots will lead to the new parkland. In June 2017, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) recommended that the City accept the parkland donation. In October 2018, the City Commission accepted the 15-acre land donation. In July 2019, the City engaged Alfred Benesch & Company, Inc. to create a master plan design concept for Stonehaven Park. In June 2020, PRAB reviewed the design concepts and accepted the recommendation to name the park and pond Stonehaven Park and Bayer Pond.

The new park offers recreational opportunities for Manhattan residents, especially for those who live nearby in Miller Ranch or in the future Stonehaven development. The central feature of the park is a spring-fed pond. The Master Plan recommends developing passive park amenities around this feature.

City of Manhattan Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Department planned to host a neighborhood meeting in March 2020 to review the master plan concept but the meeting was canceled due to COVID-19. A second letter was sent to the neighborhood, giving residents near Stonehaven Park an opportunity for public comment on the conceptual master plan prepared by Benesch. City staff presented the master plan draft to the PRAB in June and September 2020. A final conceptual design has been developed based on this community input.

At this time, we are sharing the Stonehaven Park Conceptual Master Plan with the community and asking for feedback. If you have questions or comments, please contact Alfonso Leyva, Park Planner.

View the Stonehaven Park Master Plan Concept (PDF) and the Stonehaven Neighborhood Map (PDF).

To print the master plan, use this link: Stonehaven Park Master Plan Concept (Print)

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