Emily Weiskopf


We must awaken to a current world that has always been impermanent, full of uncertainty, in need of ongoing transformation, a world on fire from the inside out and the outside in. Growth is a process of mobilizing to Re-imagine, Resilience, Re-direct, Re-cycle, Re-generate, Re-learn, Re-build, Re-lease and Re-ceive, to bring Re-newal to ourselves, our lives, our planet, our hope and need of healing. There is strength and struggle needed for progress. We, like nature, are each seeds which must open and act with interdependence Re-membrance. Resistance only brings more struggle, to realize we have all we need

About the Artist

Emily Weiskopf's trademark as both a connection and space between all things presents a convergent mode of abstraction to tactile experiences. She draws relations between the disparity of the disappearing natural world, the sacredness of life, and her personal struggles due to her ongoing spine conditions and physical constraints.

She strives to create through a rich palette of materials dependent on her body’s capabilities at the time - work that acts and emotes as portals and markers for healing spirits. She creates space for the sacred, bringing rebirth and peace through a reciprocal connection of the impermanence of life.  

"My public and site-specific work bring together these concepts with a universal and archetypal symbolism; a given site and the complex relationship between the built environment, the community, the individual, and the natural world. The works are the monumental expression of my vision."

Art Location

Re: is located on 3rd Street and Colorado, in downtown Manhattan.