Joelle Ford


Red is the culmination of collecting wooden shelves for many years. Since the shapes of the shelves lent themselves to be used in a vertical arrangement, they were attached to an upright post. The shelves were primed and covered with several coats of outdoor paint to withstand many Kansas winters.

About the Artist

"My work consists of the utilization of found objects. This has been my focus for many years - really my whole life. My parents and grandparents, who lived through the Depression, taught me how to make doll beds out of shoe boxes, and clothes from feed sacks. The habit of finding value in unwanted or undervalued items continues in my work today. I have made art from old magazines, world globes, paint can lids, embroidery hoops, ruined paintbrushes - items that some see as junk and I see as idle art - and in this instance, many wooden shelves. I find it challenging to work with found objects.

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Art Location

Red is located on 3rd Street and Pierre, in downtown Manhattan.