1. About the Cemetery
  2. Structure History

The cemetery section is responsible for two municipal cemeteries. Sunset Cemetery is 45 acres, and Sunrise Cemetery is 80 acres. The cemetery section also sells all lots, and opens and closes all interments in both cemeteries.

Sunset Cemetery has a history dating back to 1860 and is 45 acres in total. All lots have been sold for this cemetery.

Sunrise Cemetery started in 1960 and is 80 acres in total. Twenty of the acres have been plotted and about half have been sold. A future section is available for above ground columbariums. Road development is also being planned to provide access to expanding sections.

Cemetery Memorial Decoration Guide

Plants are permitted for Memorial Day with four days allowed before Memorial Day for decorating and four days after for picking up plants or decorations. Our staff will begin clearing decorations after that. From November 1 through April 1, wreaths and artificial decorations are permitted and shall be placed within six inches of the memorial and will be removed when faded or during spring clean up after April 1.

Memorial Day Service

Memorial Day services at Sunset Cemetery honors our deceased soldiers. The service is held annually on Memorial Day and features the Manhattan Municipal Band and American Legion Honor Guard.

Paslay Singing Tower

The "singing tower" as it is referred to is officially called Paslay Memorial Tower. The tower is 50 feet tall and 15 feet in diameter and is made from limestone. It has a state-of-the-art electronic sound system. The tower will play music on Memorial Day and July 4th from noon to 1 p.m. The tower will also play daily at 6 p.m. for 15 minutes.

Online Grave and Lot Locator

Use the Cemetery Search to look for interments within Sunset and Sunrise cemeteries. Search by the cemetery or last names with capital or lowercase letters using the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner after the map downloads.