Registration of Dogs & Cats Ordinance

Registration of Dogs & Cats Ordinance

Sec. 6-36. License Required

It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or harbor any dog or cat over 4 months of age within the City of Manhattan, Kansas, unless such dog or cat is vaccinated and licensed as provided herein. The provisions of this division do not apply to animals owned by a licensed research facility, or held in a veterinary medical facility or government operated or licensed animal shelter nor to animals owned by nonresidents of the city which are maintained within the city for less than 60 consecutive days.

Sec. 6-37. Application for License

Any person who keeps or harbors any dog or cat within the city shall apply to the city clerk, or the clerk's designee, for a license for each such dog or cat. The city clerk may designate employees of the animal shelter to accept such applications. Such applications shall be submitted to the city clerk, or designee, on a form approved by the city clerk. Such applications shall be submitted to the clerk, or designee, within 30 days after the person commences to keep or harbor the animal or within 30 days after the animal reaches 4 months of age, whichever is later. At the time such application is submitted, the applicant shall also provide the city with the following:

  • Proof that the animal has been vaccinated or inoculated with an anti-rabies vaccine showing the month and year when such vaccine will cease to be effective. Persons submitting applications to the animal shelter may comply with this provision by complying with section 6-55 of this Code.
  • The appropriate fee as established herein.

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