Arts in the Park

2023 Summer Lineup - Fridays at 8 PM at the Larry Norvell Band Shell in City Park  

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June 2

Opener - Plastique

From: Kansas

A new wave/rock band that plays locally. They started in 1978 and was a signed band in LA . Their singer Dave Zerfas has been a very respected musician/artist throughout the years.  

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Headliner - Augustus

From: Colorado

Augustus is a dual guitar, harmony driven rock act from Boulder Colorado, they are constantly touring and making the festival circuit. 

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June 9

Johnny Woods

From: Oklahoma

Johnny Woods is an up and coming country act with mellower, old school country vibes while maintaining a bit of the more modern “ag sound” that fills venues in the midwest.

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June 16 - Juneteeth Performance 

Keith Washington

From: Michigan

Keith Washington is a national recording artist who performs R&B, soul, and Jazz from Detroit, Michigan. He is best known for his 1991 hit song “Kissing You”. He will be joining us for the Juneteenth Soul Jam Event.

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June 23

Co-Headliner- The Box Turtles

From: Manhattan

Local band, The Box Turtles, formed in 2017. In that time, they have been regionally touring and creating a following for themselves with their rock originals along with their crowd pleasing covers.

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Co-Headliner- Dave Spiker

From: Manhattan

Dave Spiker is nothing short of a local music legend. Spiker is not only a top shelf solo singer songwriter but has been an amazing front man, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and songwriter for many of Manhattan's most notable bands such as Ruskabank, The Goodbye Sort, The Pembertons, and Jonathan to name a few.

June 30

Colten Jesse

From: Oklahoma

Colten Jesse is one of the biggest acts that we have coming to the City Park stage. He maintains an old school country sound. He has managed to rack up over 3 million views on his song “Marlboro Man” on Youtube. This is definitely not something that you get to go to for free in normal circumstances.

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July 7

Drifters Mile

From: Ozark Mountains

Born from the Ozark Mountains( a melding pot of music and cultures for generations), Drifters Mile plays roots music, influenced by nearly every type of music that one can listen to. 

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July 14


From: Kansas & Missouri

Paramount is a 70s/80s cover band that brings in big crowds around here. They play big venues, most notably The Voodoo Lounge in KC. Their tributes to anthems of the past and their loud guitar driven sound is a crowd pleaser!  

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July 21

Co-Headliner- Pink Fuzz

From: Colorado

Pink Fuzz is not only a co-headliner for Midfest in Manhattan but is also a road dog band that brings great hooks and huge rock & roll guitar riffs. 

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Co-Headliner- Headlight Rivals

From: Manhattan

Co-headliner of Manhattan’s own Midfest, is the premier rock & roll band of Manhattan currently! They are a touring act who has a full length LP entitled Mattson out and are now on the record label, Dumb Ghost Recording Enterprises. Their heavy but poppy sounds might remind some of bands such as Cheap Trick, Soul Asylum, and The Replacements.

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July 28

Opener- The Blackbird Fields

From: Manhattan 

The Blackbird Fields are a very enjoyable local act for all ages and also have a good local pull around Manhattan. They are a Blues/Rock fusion much like The Black Keys or White Stripes. They are lyrically driven and put out a lot of sound for just a guitar and a drum set!

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Headliner- Wayne Gottstine

From: Kansas

Wayne Gottstine is a local legend with bands from Lawrence that have a great pull around here as he is very respected in Manhattan and the surrounding areas.  He was one of the founding members of Split Lip Rayfield. He is a folk, rock, and bluegrass musician who is no stranger to national touring.

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