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Manhattan Parks and Recreation recently conducted an evaluation of its trail system with the help of the Center for Research Strategies. The evaluation included the assessment of trail use and overall impact of trails within the community. A number of evaluation tools were used to reach thousands of residents:
  • 1,976 community members responded to an electronic survey
  • 262 trail users provided feedback through trail intercept surveys
  • 5 city leaders were interviewed
  • And 51 people participated in focus groups to voice their opinions about trail use and suggestions for improvements
Through this evaluation, Manhattan residents and community leaders confirmed the trail system is an asset to the community and attracts many regular users. Possible improvements identified in this process include lighting, increased trail connectors and improved safety. More event-based activities could be organized to attract greater use of trails by families and young children, according to feedback provided in this evaluation.

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Trail Guide

 Trails & Information  Length (miles)  Surface  Difficulty  Lighting  Restrooms  Parking Scenic Overlook   Tree Cover
Bluemont Hill Park Trail 0.7 Natural Difficult No No Yes Yes Moderate
Cecil Best Birding Trail 0.4 Natural Easy No No Yes, at Northeast Park No Full Shade
CiCo Park Fitness Trail 0.6 Paved Easy No Seasonal Yes No None
Clarenburg Trail, City Park 1.00 Paved Easy Yes Yes Yes No Moderate
Frank Anneberg Park Trail 1.85 Gravel Easy No Seasonal Yes No Moderate
Grand Mere Trail 1.50 Paved Moderate-Difficult No Yes, at Vanesta Fire Station Yes, at Vanesta Fire Station Yes None
Hudson Trail 1.00 Paved/Gravel Easy-Moderate No No No No None-Full
K-State Perimeter Loop 3.9 Paved Easy-Moderate Partial No No No None
Linear Trail 8.6 Gravel Easy No Yes, at Amherst Fire Station Yes No None-Full
Long's Park Trail 0.28 Paved Easy Yes Yes Yes No Moderate
Manhattan River Trails 5.5 Natural Moderate No No Yes, at Linear Trailheads No Full Shade
McCall Road Shared Use Path 1.33 Paved Easy Partial No Yes No None
Miller Ranch Trails 0.64 Paved Easy-Moderate No No No No None-Full
Northeast Community Park Trail 2.85 Gravel Easy No Yes Yes No None
River Bend Trail, Fairmont Park 1.5 Natural Easy No No Seasonal No Full Shade
Susan B. Anthony Trail 1.06 Paved Easy No No Yes No None
Warner Park Trail 3.0 Gravel/Natural Easy-Moderate No No Yes No None-Full
Washington Marlatt Park Trail 4.0 Natural Easy-Difficult No No Yes Yes None-Full
Wildcat Creek Linear Trail 2.0 Natural Difficult No No Yes, at Sunset Zoo No Full Shade

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