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Trail Prioritization

In November of 2017, the Manhattan community passed a Quality of Life Sales Tax dedicated to improving recreation and trails. Within that project, dedicated funding will be allocated annually to make improvements and accessibility better for our trails system. In order to continue to get feedback and prioritization on projects, we have engaged the community to give feedback on our interactive map below. We encourage you to click the map below and leave suggestions.  

Trail Prioritization - Interactive Map for Comments and Suggestions about Trails! Click the map below to begin your feedback! 

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Trail Evaluation History 

Manhattan Parks and Recreation recently conducted an evaluation of its trail system with the help of the Center for Research Strategies. The evaluation included the assessment of trail use and overall impact of trails within the community. A number of evaluation tools were used to reach thousands of residents:
  • 1,976 community members responded to an electronic survey
  • 262 trail users provided feedback through trail intercept surveys
  • 5 city leaders were interviewed
  • And 51 people participated in focus groups to voice their opinions about trail use and suggestions for improvements
Through this evaluation, Manhattan residents and community leaders confirmed the trail system is an asset to the community and attracts many regular users. Possible improvements identified in this process include lighting, increased trail connectors and improved safety. More event-based activities could be organized to attract greater use of trails by families and young children, according to feedback provided in this evaluation.

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