Parks & Recreation Facility Feasibility

The Facility Feasibility Study takes a closer look at the four priorities identified in the Parks and Recreation Strategic Facility Improvement Plan to see how the identified recreation needs can be met with new facilities or renovations to existing facilities.

The four priorities are:

  • Creation of indoor space geographically located to meet the unmet needs of the community
  • Improvement to safety and playability of existing field playing surfaces
  • Improve the availability and condition of community parks, trails, and neighborhood parks
  • Development of new indoor aquatic facilities

A consulting team led by Bruce McMillan Architects completed the first phase of the Facility Feasibility Study in April 2016. The consultant, with continued involvement from the citizen steering committee, is now working on more specific concept plans for proposed Parks and Recreation facilities. Below is an outline of current concepts being considered.

South East Neighborhood Recreation Center

The South East Neighborhood Recreation Center has been proposed as a $3.3 million facility at the intersection of 10th Street and Fort Riley Boulevard at Douglass Park. It would house a basketball court, indoor walking track, and other amenities. The City of Manhattan has applied for a Section 108 guaranteed loan to fund construction of the facility, with debt service payments to be made with part of the city's annual Community Development Block Grant allocation. The application is currently being reviewed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Anthony and Eisenhower Middle School Additions

Concepts have been developed to add on to Anthony and Eisenhower middle schools. Concepts for both buildings include walking tracks and court space that is flexible for multiple uses. Construction of each facility is estimated at $10 million.

CiCo Park Improvements

Concepts have been developed that show improved playing surfaces and larger fields for baseball and softball in CiCo Park. Additional tennis courts, improved parking and enhanced stormwater drainage are also part of the concepts. Construction of the improvements is estimated at $8.5 million. The Manhattan City Commission has favored Concept B.

Upcoming Meetings

City Commission Work Session, 5:30 p.m. April 11 at City Hall. See the complete timeline for this project: Facility Improvement Timeline (PDF)

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