Park Projects

The projects below are current projects in development with Manhattan Parks and Recreation. To learn more about each project, please visit the project pages. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback we encourage you to contact Assistant Director, Wyatt Thompson, or contact Park Planner Alfonso Leyva . You may also call Manhattan Parks and Recreation at 785-587-2754.

We appreciate community involvement and participation in the development of all our projects.

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  4. Community Led Projects


Roger Schultz Community Park

Loma Ridge Improvements Phase 1 is currently in design. The Loma Ridge park entrance is close to many homes and is already being used to access existing park trails. This project will include a gravel parking area, stormwater management features, fire department access, trails, native landscaping, and rough grading of the site for future phases. These improvements will enhance park access and prepare the site for future park amenities. Construction is anticipated to occur in 2020.

City Park Trail

In Fall 2019, the City contracted with BG Consultants to design the eastern portion of the Clarenburg Trail, which is located on the perimeter of City Park. A bid letting will occur in May 2020 with construction to begin soon after. This project will complete the 8-foot paved trail around City Park. 

UPDATE: The trail project was mostly funded through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) fund. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, those funds were redirected to assist with the community response. Once an alternative funding source is identified, the project will bid at that time.

Northeast Park Irrigation & Lighting

The Strategic Facility Improvement Plan identified park lighting and irrigated soccer field turf as priority projects for Northeast Community Park. The City is working with Schwab-Eaton, P.A. and Orazem Scalora Engineering to design irrigation and lighting improvements.

UPDATE: Construction documents were completed in 2019 for the irrigation aspect of the project. During the design process, it was identified that the project would cost more than was budgeted to install a full irrigation system, in addition to regrading the site to properly drain. Completion of this project will depend on available funding sources in the following CIP years. In regards to the lighting, the project has been pushed to the end of 2020 and may be phased in due to funding.

VMI Land Tract

The City of Manhattan acquired this 99-acre site on the side of Highway K-18 in April 2019. The City envisions using the land for open space and trail connectivity in the southwest part of the community. A master plan study to determine additional uses and park amenities will occur in the future.