Park Projects

The projects below are current projects in development with Manhattan Parks and Recreation. To learn more about each project, please visit the project pages. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback we encourage you to contact Assistant Director, Wyatt Thompson at or Park Planner, Alfonso Leyva at

We appreciate the community involvement and participation in the development of all projects listed below. 

Public Input Forms for Projects

Old Blue River Trail Public Input Form
Warner Park Public Input Form
VMI Tract Public Input Form
City Park Master Plan Public Input Form 

You can fill out each form and email your form to Alfonso Leyva at
You also may just send an email. As a reminder, current plans for Warner and City Park will be reviewed Tuesday, April 24 by City Commission. The VMI Tract will be reviewed on Tuesday, May 1. 


Park at Lee Mill Heights 

The Park at Lee Mill Heights is an undeveloped 93-acre tract in the southwest quadrant of the city. The parkland is owned by the City of Manhattan and was recently annexed. It was acquired through a combination purchase and land donation. Surrounding land uses include residential on the south and east (predominantly single-family, detached residences), undeveloped land to the north (zoned residential) and rangeland to the west. There are two public access points: from Miller Parkway on the north and Loma Ridge Drive, a local street, on the east. The site is comprised of rolling prairie with steep slopes and deep, wooded ravines. There is approximately 165 feet of elevation change on the site. Several high points offer stunning views of the park and Kansas River Valley in the distance. There are a variety of plants and animals you may see in the park.

Master Plan Update 

The goal of this project is to develop a master plan for a new natural area park. The park offers residents a truly unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Flint Hills without leaving the city. Learn more about the design process and the master planning progress. You can click the link here to view the most recent presentation of the Park at Lee Mill Height Master Plan Final Draft.

City Park Master Plan Update

The planning process is currently re-engaging with the community to evaluate parks and recreation facility improvements from a broader, community-wide perspective as part of the Parks and Recreation Facility Feasibility Study.  We will be hosting a public open house to review plans of City Park on April 18 and will present the draft of the Master Plan to the City Commission on April 24. To learn more, please visit City Park Master Plan Update page

Warner Park Master Plan 

Manhattan Parks and Recreation is working in collaboration with the LAR-320 Studio from the Landscape Architecture Department at Kansas State University. The LAR-320 Studio will develop multiple conceptual design alternatives for City staff to consider during the process of updating the Warner Park Master Plan. The purpose of the focus group was to share community member’s perspectives on the park. To learn more about this project please visit the Warner Park Master Plan page. 
Master Plan Update 
Students presented their final conceptual design proposals at an open house public meeting on April 14, 2018, at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. Visions for the park can be seen at the links below. With the completion of the students' visions, City Staff will begin preparation of a final master plan based on their ideas and public feedback. The process will include opportunists for public input through City Advisory Board meetings and at least one additional public meeting. Anticipated completion of the master plan is Fall 2018. 

Kansas State University LAR-320 Studio Vision Posters

Kansas State University LAR-320 Studio Vision Booklets


Jorgensen Park Trail 

Manhattan Parks and Recreation is planning a new connection to Linear Trail. The trail will extend from Anderson Avenue through Jorgensen Park (west of the Girl Scout Little House) and connect to existing trails in Wildcat Creek Linear Park (behind Sunset Cemetery and Sunset Zoo). To learn more about the details of this project please visit the Jorgensen Park Trail page. 
Construction Update 
 Trail construction has started on Jorgensen Trail and will be continuing through May. 

Old Blue River Trail 

There is a new trail being developed in the Northview neighborhood. This new trail connection between the Northview neighborhood, Linear Trail, and McCall Road will increase connectivity within our community. 

The trail is proposing to extend the sidewalk that ends near Casement and Hayes Drive, south to the Linear trailhead on Hayes Drive. A pedestrian/Bike crossing will be installed across Hayes Drive to the new trail that will be constructed atop the access road and extend the route south to connect to a K-DOT project near IHOP and McCall Road. 

The trail will be constructed entirely within City property and is funded in part through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and a Sunflower Foundation Grant as well as a People for Bikes Grant. 

Facility Improvements


Douglass Center Architectural & Electrical Improvements

Upgrades to the Douglass Community Center are planned over the next two years using Community Development Block Grant funding. BG Consultants has been hired to design architectural and electrical improvements. The Strategic Facility Improvement Plan identified numerous facility upgrades including the need to upgrade electrical panels and renovate the restroom and locker room areas. The project will be designed in two phases. Construction of Phase 1 electrical upgrades is complete. 
Construction Update - Phase 2
Phase 2 building improvements have started at the Douglass Center to add new restrooms and changing areas to the building. Construction is anticipated to be at the Center until August 1. Accessible restrooms will be available at the Douglass Center Annex during this time. 

Peace Memorial Auditorium Lobby Improvements

The Friends of Peace Memorial Auditorium have been fundraising for a few years to turn the lobby of Peace Memorial Auditorium, which is adjacent to City Hall, into a veterans memorial. The project design by Bruce McMillan Architects includes plaques, flags and other memorabilia to honor Riley County veterans. The Friends group funded construction of the project. Dedication of the lobby project occurred November 2017. To view complete details about the project please visit the new website at

Supporting Studies and Documents
Facility Feasibility Study

The Parks and Recreation Strategic Facility Improvement Plan provides a comprehensive look at Manhattan’s recreation facilities and programs. The plan evaluates existing indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, assesses the community's needs for improved places to play, and proposes strategies to enhance existing (or possibly build new) sport courts, fields and gyms from which the entire community will benefit. The Strategic Facility Improvement Plan was accepted by the City Commission on August 18, 2015. We are pursuing the Plan's top priorities including three new indoor recreation facilities and improvements to ballfields and tennis courts at CiCo Park in the Parks and Recreation Facility Feasibility Study.