Youth Sports

Manhattan Parks & Recreation offers a variety of youth sports throughout the year for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Youth Sports are listed by season of competition. All sports that are listed are everything that could potentially be offered, and not necessarily what is open for registration or what will be offered during that season. To check what is available to register for right now, click the link below.

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Bowling Clinic

K-12th grade

Learn the fundamentals of bowling taught by two USBC certified coaches and students of the high school bowling team.

City League Basketball

3rd-8th grade

Kids concentrate and practice the basic passing, shooting, defense/offense drills and rebounding of the game. 

My First Basketball

Ages 3-Kindergarten

Teaches children the basic motor skills necessary to play organized sports while they spend quality time working one-on-one with their parents. The program focuses on teaching children and their parents basic sports mechanics and the basics of in-game play, in a controlled environment. 

Tiny Tumblers

Age 2-1st grade

Tiny Tumblers is a 4-week introductory gymnastics program led by certified coach Tiffany Cook. 

Volleyball Clinic (Session 1)

3rd-6th grade

This clinic is to help develop basic volleyball fundamentals. The focus will be on passing, setting, attacking, serving, and communication as a team.