1. Arts in the Park

    Arts in the Park is an annual event each summer that provides live music and entertainment in City Park.

  2. Hot Shot Basketball

  3. Just Tri It Youth and Adult Triathlon

    Just Tri It Youth and Adult Triathlon - Saturday, August 13

  4. Little Apple Core Challenge

    The Little Apple Core Challenge is a program that furthers the relationships of businesses through healthy lifestyles and friendly competition.

  5. Little Apple Glow Paddle

  6. Little Apple Paddle

  7. Little Apple Pedal

    This new event is Sun., May 1, from 2pm-4pm, and includes a bike rodeo, 6-mile slow ride and bike safety with RCPD.

  8. Park and Recreation Month

    July is Park and Recreation Month. See the jam-packed schedule!

  9. Red Cedar Holiday Harvest

    The Red Cedar Holiday Harvest is an opportunity for families to take home a red cedar tree from the Park at Lee Mill Heights for holidays while helping to restore the park to its natural health.