Jorgensen Park Trail

Manhattan Parks and Recreation is planning a new connection to Linear Trail. The trail will extend from Anderson Avenue through Jorgensen Park (west of the Girl Scout Little House) and connect to existing trails in Wildcat Creek Linear Park (behind Sunset Cemetery and Sunset Zoo).

We have hosted several Neighborhood Meetings to share concepts and on-street parking changes.

We appreciate and value the public comment and involvement in this project as we move forward.

Final Presentation Information  

Final Presentation Jorgensen Trail December 4
Please click on the link above for a final presentation for the December 4, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting. 

Previous Shared Information

To view the presentation from the most recent meeting May 10, please click to view it here.


For detailed maps of Jorgensen Park, please click on links:

Map view  Anderson to Grandview

Map view Jorgensen Trail: Grandview to Cemetery/Girl Scout Park

Map view  
Park Drive: Wickham to Oakdale

Map view  City Trail Connectivity: Jorgensen Trail to Linear Trail

Map view  
Grandview Parking