City Park Master Plan Update

Master Plan Update

On April 24, Manhattan Parks and Recreation will be presenting a revised Master Plan of City Park for feedback from City Commission.

Before that meeting, we will be hosting:
public input session taking place
Wednesday, April 18
at Wefald Pavilion - City Park
5:30 p.m.


The meeting will share ideas and concepts revised and incorporated from previous planning. 

We encourage you to join us April 18 to share your feedback. 

If you would like to share your thoughts to our staff please feel free to email Park Planner, Alfonso Leyva at

The planning process is currently re-engaging with the community to evaluate parks and recreation facility improvements from a broader, community-wide perspective as part of the Parks and Recreation Facility Feasibility Study

Comparision plans from previous planning: 
Comparision Plans from 2006 and 2015
The City Park Master Plan update concept A
The City Park Master Plan update concept B

Interesting Facts about Your City Park

  • 46.5 acres
  • 485 trees
  • 16 structures exist in the park comprising 1.5% of the overall space
  • 1.8 miles of off-street trails and sidewalks and 0.55 miles of bike routes comprising 4% of overall space
  • 210 paved parking spaces and roughly 335 gravel parking spaces comprising roughly 14% of the overall space (6.4 acres)
  • 16% of the park is used for outdoor programmed space (7.5 acres)
  • 64.5% of your City Park is open, non-programmed space (includes usable space/buffer space)

Major Projects in City Park since the 2006 Master Plan

  • Rose Garden renovation
  • Playground renovation
  • East Park Road closed
  • Splash Park
  • Playground shelter
  • Playground restrooms
  • City Park Pavilion
  • "Interim Master Plan" creates one-way central park road with on-street parking
  • City Pool expansion
  • Paved perimeter trail
  • Flag Plaza
  • Proposal to improve Wilson Field and overlay Baker Field with new turf infield
  • Pedestrian lighting on perimeter trail and North Park Road
  • Rose Garden fountain restoration
  • Arts in the Park seating and lights
  • Parks and Recreation office relocation
  • North Park Road parking improvements
  • Pool parking lot improvements

Community Engagement
These community groups are participating in the development of the concepts for the Master Plan Update.
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • Aggieville Business Association
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Historic Resources Board
  • Arts and Humanities Advisory Board
  • AHA! Manhattan
  • Flint Hills Daylily Society
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School 5th & 6th Grades
  • Manhattan City Commission
We've reached out to the community through interactive activities at events and at neighborhood meetings.
  • Community Engagement Activity & Park Walk
  • Events, community workshops and public activities like the Farmer's Market.
  • Meetings included the East Park, City Park West and South Manhattan neighborhood associations.
An initial survey, which was completed by more than 550 citizens, helped guide the development of two concepts. A second survey to provide feedback on Concepts A and B resulted in over 1,400 responses.

Thank you for participating in the future of your City Park! Watch for more ways to be involved soon.