Youth Programs

Parents' Night Out

Parents and caregivers, enjoy a night out! Held the last Friday of the month January-April then will begin again in September. This program is held at the Community House. For more information, email Zach Bayless or call 785-587-2766.

Gym Buddies

For pre-school aged children and their caregivers to have a time and place set aside to promote play during the colder months when parks aren't desirable. Toys and equipment for children and caregivers will be available for use. For more information, email Zach Bayless or call 785-587-2766.

Home School Physical Education

A 10-week organized program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Most classes take place in the Peace Memorial City Auditorium; some are held offsite. For more information, email Logan Singhisen or call 785-587-2760.

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Homework Assistance & Tutoring Program

Retired teachers, K-State students, and community members work together to provide individual homework assistance and skills improvement for elementary and secondary students. Educational games, as well as software, are used to provide the improvement in math, reading and thinking skills. This is provided free of charge. As students complete their work, they progress toward special places marked on a map of Kansas and earn small prizes. Offered 5 to 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday at Douglass Community Center Annex. To enroll or for more information, please email Marianne Cullers or call 785-539-6736.

Summer Programs

Summer programs are also organized by retired teachers, Kansas State University students, and other community members to provide summer learning in a fun way to help with skills improvement and to avoid summer learning loss. These programs are free of charge and limited to 24 students in each program. Both the math and the reading programs run in July.

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